Hyperledger Fabric Smart Contract EVM Workshop

Hyperledger Fabric Smart Contract EVM Workshop

Hyperledger Fabric Solidity EVM Smart Contract Workshop

Attend the live instructor-led 5-hour LIVE online smart contract developer workshop utilizing Linux’s Hyperledger Fabric and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

What you will learn:

  • Hyperledger Fabric product architecture, including the EVM/Solidity components.
  • Installing the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Smart Contract Development demo
  • Running Solidity Smart Contracts with the EVM on Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Solidity Smart Contract Examples
  • Why use the EVM for Hyperledger Fabric applications
  • Use Remix for building Smart Contracts
  • Solidity basics.
  • Data types.
  • Functions and Accessibility, i.e., public, private.
  • Deployment Demonstration
  • Distributed Application (DApp) demonstration
  • Possible Next Steps

Workshop Materials – Running Solidity Smart Contracts on Hyperledger Fabric

  • Bring your own Hyperledger Fabric Linux Image, or a Virtual Box Hyperledger Fabric Linux Image will be provided to you.
  • Step-by-step instructions for all exercises provided to you.
  • For virtual images please use the settings below:
    • Recommended RAM size 1025 to 4096 MB.
    • Disk: At least 10 GB.
    • CPUs: 2 to 4

Exam – Hyperledger Fabric Solidity EVM Smart Contracts

  • 10 questions

Outcome: Certificate of Completion

Courses in this Certificate Program

  • 5 Total Hours
  • 295
  • ..
  • ..
Courses in this ProgramDuration Delivery Method
Student Orientation1 HourLIVE Online
Hyperledger Fabric Solidity EVM Smart Contract Workshop5 HoursLIVE Online Instructor-Led
Live Instructor AMA - Weekly5 HoursLIVE weekly (Optional)

Upcoming LIVE Instruction Dates

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Hyperledger Fabric Solidity EVM Smart Contract Workshop Program Objectives

Learn about the new Internet, Web3, which is powered by Blockchain.

Learn about the Hyperledger Fabric Enterprise Blockchain, its architecture, and how to use the EVM to develop Smart Contracts and applications that run on Hyperledger Fabric enterprise networks.

Learn the basics of Solidity for EVM Smart Contract development and also learn about Solidity development tools such as Remix.

Expand your skill set to include Smart Contract and Blockchain development.

Avail yourself of new opportunities created in the Blockchain and Web3 space, including securing the supply chain, decentralized finance, the gaming world, NFTs, and much more.


A minimum of a year of software development experience using C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript. C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript influence Ethereum’s built-in programming language Solidity. Students need to be familiar with these languages to program in Solidity.

Target Audience

All software developers should consider learning Ethereum and Solidity.

Program Info

  • Dates: Rolling Enrollment
  • Location: LIVE Online Instructor Led
  • Tuition: $295
  • Tuition Assistance
  • 5 Hours
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Additional Information

  • Guest Lectures & Networking
  • Student Orientation
  • Weekly LIVE Instructor AMAs
  • Hands-On Exercises

Exam Voucher Included

  • Blockchain Security Microcredential
  • Issuing Body: Blockchain Certification Association (BCA)
  • 30 Questions
  • Pass Rate: 80% – two exam attempts

Tuition Assistance

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