Algorand Enterprise Strategist

Algorand Enterprise Strategist

Enabling technology leaders in understanding the capabilities, features, and benefits and other offerings of the Algorand Blockchain network.

This course is for people of all backgrounds who want to understand the Algorand Blockchain and demonstrate their ability to effectively coordinate the build of an Algorand blockchain solution for commercial deployment.

This course is particularly great for non-technical business-minded stakeholders looking to advance their understanding and capability within the blockchain industry. At the conclusion of the course, you can attain a Certificate of Completion validating your participation. This course prepares you to sit for the Algorand Enterprise Strategist Microcredential Exam from the Blockchain Certification Association.

Courses in this Certificate Program

  • 4 Total Hours
  • OnDemand: 4 Hours
  • LIVE Instructor: 2 Hours
  • Tuition: $99
Courses in this ProgramHours Delivery Method
Student Orientation1 HourLive Online (optional)
Algorand Enterprise Strategist4 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Live Instructor AMA - bi-monthly1 Hour +Live Online (optional)

Upcoming LIVE Instruction Dates

There are no upcoming events.

Algorand Enterprise Strategist Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of this intensive program, participants will be able to:

  • Algorand Network Fundamentals
  • The Algorand Blockchain Capabilities and Protocol
  • Algorand Architecture
  • Core Blockchain Operation and Innovation
  • Smart Contracts and Application
  • Algorand Governance and Community

Certificate of Completion: Algorand Enterprise Strategist – 4 Hours


No prior blockchain or computer programming experience required.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrency.

Sample Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Blockchain, Algorand, and the Future of Finance
Lesson Introduction Algorand Enterprise Strategist
Blockchain 101 Blockchain 101
Future of Finance Future of Finance

Module 2: Algorand in-depth
Scalability, Security, Decentralization
Algorand Protocol

Module 3: Algorand Architecture
Algorand Architecture Approach

Module 4: Innovation
Core BC Innovation

Module 5: Smart Contracts and Application
Smart Contracts
Algorand Applicaitons

Module 5: Governance
Algorand Approach to Governance

Program Info

  • Dates: Rolling Enrollment
  • Location: OnDemand & LIVE Online
  • Tuition: $99
  • Tuition Assistance
  • 4 Total Hours
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Additional Information

  • Module Quizzes and Knowledge Checks
  • Guest Lectures & Networking
  • Student Orientation
  • LIVE Online Instructor AMAs
  • Certification Exam Prep

Certification Competencies

Certified Algorand Developer badge earned upon passing the Web3 Certification Board Algorand Developer Level 1 Certification Exam

This course provides 20% of the education content toward the Web3 Certification Board (W3CB) Algorand Developer Certification Exam Competencies. 

Review Certification Focus Areas

This course is part of the following Certification programs.

Certified Algorand Developer

  • Setting up Your Algorand Developer Environment
  • Algorand Enterprise Strategist
  • Algorand Developer
  • Algorand Developer Workshop
  • Solidity Smart Contract Developer (EVM)
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Algorand Developer Certification